Dean Kathie

I came to Leading Women while on sabbatical in the midst of discernment.  At that point, I had been the Rector of Trinity, Newtown CT for 20 years.  My bishops had submitted my name to a few Bishop Search processes and I eventually pulled out, not feeling called to the Episcopate.  When I sat in on the Bishops Group at Leading Women, I was convinced I was not called.  Then I sat in on the Deans Group and I was intrigued.  I shared my interested in exploring this call with my bishop, Ian Douglas, who promptly picked up the phone and called the Bishops in two diocese that were looking for a Dean for their cathedral.  I applied to both and within 3 months was called to St. Louis.  This call continues to unfold in ways that affirm what I came to feel as I sat and listened to those who are now blessed Dean colleagues.  I give thanks for Leading Women and all who labor to offer it and those who come ready to share, listen, guide and mentor.